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We are manufacturing uPVC Column Pipes, HDPE Pipe, Rigid PVC Pipes,uPVC Plumbing Pipes, HDPE Sprinkler Pipes, Garden Pipes and Suction Pipe We are Continuous manufacturing Since 1996, with a name with quality, innovation and service is trend setters in plastic piping system in IndiaWe are leading Exporter of PVC Pipes and one of verified and trusted sellers of listed products. With their extensive experience of supplying and trading our products Our mission is to bring a revolution in plastic piping industry through innovative solutions which would create a profitable growth and benefit our customers & the society at large.

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pahleeBACHAT, through “Gram-Haat” is the best medium to provide all Products and benefits direct to consumer a great way to get our thing out to the small town and village public along with working with the big city and change their lives and this will help us reach our goal more easily. We are thankful the pahaleeBACHAT Team.

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